Wild Honey (Dark)

Wild Honey (Dark)Far within the Western Ghats in India, tribal communities search for small hives built by the Asiatic Bee (Apis cerena). Residing within crevices and tree cavities, they are harvested through techniques developed over generations to collect this pure source of sweetness: HONEY. This organic honey is much darker in color, stronger in taste and associated with more medicinal values than that by the Giant Rock Bee, which builds large combs.

Cost: Rs. 160 (excluding packing and courier charges)

Content: 240 gm of pure Honey in a glass bottle.

Enjoy this bottle of richness, free from  any additives and pre-heating, in order to to retain its nutritive content. As a result, it may crystallize, but placing the bottle in sunlight or warm water will grain its original texture.  medicinal values


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