Spitting Beauty

The name “camel” comes from the Arabic “jml” meaning “beauty”. In contrast to popular belief, a camel’s hump does not store water. It instead stores fat, lessening heat-trapping insulation around the rest of the body. One of the camel’s defenses is ‘spitting’ – where they essentially throw up a foul-smelling greenish fluid from their stomach all over you if provoked. For those who have experienced it, it seems never-ending and is never forgotten.

Cost: Rs.  275/-  (excluding packaging and courier charges)

Content: Wooden figure

Dimensions: 12.5 cm * 3 cm * 12.5 cm

One reason camels can go long periods without water is the shape of their red blood cells. These are oval and so will flow when they are dehydrated rather than clumping, as ours do. The camel is the only mammal to have oval red blood cells. Camels lips are split to help them graze. They can eat anything, including thorny twigs, without injuring their mouths. Camels can also close their nostrils against  the wind and sand when necessary.


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