Heartbroken if left alone…

Peacocks are large, colorful pheasants (typically blue and green) known for their iridescent tails. Though peahens have relatively unremarkable plumage and coloration, they are thought to choose their suitors based on the grandeur of their feathers. Indian peahens are largely brown, which allows them to blend into surrounding vegetation and avoid detection by predators.

Peacocks are polygamous (mate with more than one female) and usually form a harem that consists of 2-5 females. Left alone peacocks are very sad and heart-broken.

Cost: Rs. 225/-(excluding packaging and courier charges)

Content: Wooden figure

Dimensions: 17 cm * 6 cm * 19 cm

Peafowl, which are omnivorous, begin their day by foraging for food. A meal may consist of berries, leaves, seeds, insects and even small mammals and reptiles. As part of a universal routine, peafowl subsequently drink water, preen their feathers and settle down in shaded areas to rest. In the cooler afternoon hours, they eat and drink again before retreating to tree tops, where they spend the night in groups.

A fun fact about peacocks is that a peacock makes a sound heard from ten miles away when it mates, telling other peacocks that it mated.


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