Heartbroken if left alone…

Peacocks are large, colorful pheasants (typically blue and green) known for their iridescent tails. Though peahens have relatively unremarkable plumage and coloration, they are thought to choose their suitors based on the grandeur of their feathers. Indian peahens are largely brown, which allows them to blend into surrounding vegetation and avoid detection by predators.

Peacocks are polygamous (mate with more than one female) and usually form a harem that consists of 2-5 females. Left alone peacocks are very sad and heart-broken.

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Tigers can purr

The tiger is one of the largest and most awesome predators in the world. This species undoubtedly fascinates every eye it meets.

The body length of the majestic male ranges from 275-290 cm and of the female around 260 cm. The size and colour vary according to the geographic location and climate. Tiger stripes are individually as unique as human fingerprints. Like domestic cats, all tigers can purr.

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Sheds horns!!

Deer stay in herds of about 25 deer per herd, mainly female deer and a dominant male deer known as a stag. The stag is very protective and will often fight other stags to protect its herd.

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Spitting Beauty

The name “camel” comes from the Arabic “jml” meaning “beauty”. In contrast to popular belief, a camel’s hump does not store water. It instead stores fat, lessening heat-trapping insulation around the rest of the body. One of the camel’s defenses is ‘spitting’ – where they essentially throw up a foul-smelling greenish fluid from their stomach all over you if provoked. For those who have experienced it, it seems never-ending and is never forgotten.

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Pangolin (T-Shirt)

Pangolin T-shirt

Crazy looking creatures…

Pangolins’ scales are made of keratin, the same protein that makes up our own hair and nails. When pangolins feel threatened, they curl up into a tight, almost impenetrable ball to protect their tender undersides. If caught, they will thrash about using their tail muscles. Because their scales have very sharp edges, they can slice the skin of a human or predator when they do this. They may also release the stinky fluid from their glands as a defense mechanism.

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Wild Honey (Dark)

Wild Honey (Dark)Far within the Western Ghats in India, tribal communities search for small hives built by the Asiatic Bee (Apis cerena). Residing within crevices and tree cavities, they are harvested through techniques developed over generations to collect this pure source of sweetness: HONEY. This organic honey is much darker in color, stronger in taste and associated with more medicinal values than that by the Giant Rock Bee, which builds large combs.

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